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Bluetooth Receiver with Remote Control Handlebar Mountable Discounts Apply !
Bluetooth Receiver with Remote Control Handlebar Mountable
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  • Compatible with most Bluetooth devices, including Android and iPhone
  • Easy to install with hassle-free auto pairing and five front panel touch controls
  • Includes two adjustable bar mounts: 7/8" - 1" and 1 1/8" - 1 1/4" diameter

Bluetooth Handlebar Mount Remote Control Instructions
Designed to work with most Bluetooth devices (iPhone, Android smartphones). Easy to use and install.

• Bluetooth Receiver and Remote Control
• Three Mounting Options - Surface, Flush, or Clamp
• Includes Power, Ground, and Output Connections
• Weather-Proof Design
• Five Front Panel Touch Controls

Bluetooth Hookup
There are 3 Power wires (1 Power Red Wire, 1 Remote Turn On Blue Wire, and 1 Ground Black Wire)
Step 1: Red Wire (Hot Wire) -
Hook bare end to the positive battery terminal or to a switched and fused +12V on your bike, so that the power will turn on/off with the key. If you hook it to the positive battery terminal it will turn off automatically after 5 minutes of no Bluetooth signal.
Step 2: Black Wire (Ground) –Hook the bare end to the negative battery terminal of the motorcycle or to the frame of the motorcycle.
Step 3: Blue Wire (Remote Turn On Wire) – This is the wire that turns the power to the amplifier on and off, hook the bare end to the REM (remote turn on) wire on your amplifier.

Bluetooth Installation. The bluetooth can be mounted in a variety of ways using the included hardware. The unit has three wires in its wiring pigtail. The red wire, hot, should be directly connected to the motorcycle positive battery terminal, the black wire, ground, should be connected directly to the vehicle’s chassis where paint has been removed or the negative terminal on the battery, and the blue wire, remote, should be connected to the remote wire input on the external amplifier being used. When the bluetooth is powered On, a remote signal will be sent from the bleutooth to the connected amplifier, turning on the power to the amplifier.


1. Play/Pause - The Play/Pause button gives you the ability to play or to pause the current track witha single press. Holding the Play/Power button for 2 seconds will turn the unit On if currently Off or Off if currently powered On. The unit will beep to indicate when power is turned Off.


a. The unit will stay on indefinitely as long as a Bluetooth device is actively paired to the


b. The unit will turn Off after 5 minutes when there is no active Bluetooth device connection.

c. The Play/Pause button will illuminate when the unit is powered On.

d. The Play/Pause button will blink when the music track is paused.

2. Track Forward and Track Back - The unit will switch audio tracks being played by pressing the track forward and track back buttons. Pressing and holding these buttons for 2 seconds will fast forward or rewind the audio track that is being played.

3. Volume Up and Volume Down - These buttons will turn up or turn down the output of the Bluetooth unit so any external connected amplifier output will go up or down accordingly. When the unit has reached the minimum or maximum output level, the unit will beep to indicate that no further adjustment is possible.

4. Bluetooth Auto-Pair Mode

a. Turn the unit On.

b. Search for MTX REMOTE from your device’s Bluetooth menu

c. Select Pair.

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- 5/25/2017

Remote Control is top quality. nice clean look, and great sound. Works great with my iPhone, so I can listen to Pandora

Works Great

- 11/23/2016

Works great to control the music on my motorcycle!


- 11/23/2016

This works great on my motorcycle using my iPhone and the premium speakers to listed to music. The included handle bar mount worked great without any modifications. Operating the buttons with gloves on takes a little getting used to but works really well....

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