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Platinum Amplified Motorcycle Tunes Speaker System ` 4 Inch Chrome Speakers Reviews for the product - Platinum Amplified Motorcycle Tunes Speaker System ` 4 Inch Chrome Speakers (Back to product)
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Sound you can't beat

- 7/31/2020

I have had my cerwin vega amplified speakers on my Dyna Superglide for a 5 months now and can't believe the performance of this setup. I have short shot pipes and I can clearly hear my music at 70+ mph on the highway. The sound is clear and crisp. I have recommended your system to many of my friends and they have started to purchase their own. Keep up the great work Motorcycle tunes!

Freakin Loud

- 7/21/2020

The speakers wires were long, the install was easy. When I turned them on I was really amazed how Freaking Loud they were. Buy these, you will not regret it.

Don't leave home without them!

- 7/17/2020

I just installed this unit on my Harley davidson FatBob SE last weekend. I was pleasantly surprised when I turned it on for the first time. I didn't expect it to sound this great. Even with Vance&Hines straight pipes I can hear great sound from thge speakers. I'm telling all my friends! .I don't understand why other companies are charging over $500.00 for smaller speakers and less power.

Fat Boy

- 7/15/2020

installation was simple, quality of speakers very good, sound really good. my last system was stolen off my bike j&m, i can honestly say these speakers are better than the rest. i tell everybody about your speakers

Kuryakyn Speakers

- 7/15/2020

My friend as a set of Kuryakyn speakers on his bike, so I was leaning towards them, when I saw you guys speakers on a bike at the coast everything changed. I did the classic, and my system is louder and better sounding than his kuryakyn. Even on the highway with loud pipes, there are no issues hearing my ipod.

Amazing and Awesome

- 7/11/2020

I must have spent two months reading reviews, searching forums, trying to buy the best out there. I found alot of negative about other companies, but only possitive stuff about Motorcycle Tunes, I was still skeptic when I bought a set, worried that I couldn't hear them at highway speed. I am amazed at the clarity and loudness of these speakers. I can hear them fine at any speed, with or without my helmet. I am happy, order them and you will be happy too.

WOW - loud and clear

- 7/3/2020

WOW... This was a fathers day gift so I spent half a day installing this system on my Harley XL1200c and making sure all wires were tucked away nice and neat then road tested it and I could not hear my own pipes this system is loud and clear sounding great system easy to install just in time for the 4th of July cruise

Music While Riding ROCKS!!

- 7/2/2020

I am downright impressed. The kicker speakers are well worth the money. The speakers seem to sound better and better the more they're used and they sounded great from the first notes played of the first song.

As far as the claim of these systems being loud is concerned, this company is not kidding! At 70+ mph on I-95, on a busy afternoon, and while wearing 30db reduction earplugs, the music was perfectly audible; and the volume knob wasn't but a little way past the halfway point.

So if you're looking for a lot of bang-for-your-buck with a stereo system, this is the place to shop and make your purchase.

Great Speakers and Great Service

- 6/28/2020

Installation went smoothly and the speakers sound GREAT.

F***ing Bad A**!! F***ing Rocks!!

- 6/26/2020

I wanted something that would blow away the system that Harley Davidson sells and I found it. A thousand watts pumping through two little speakers is absolutely kick ass. I bought a little separate little iPod for my motorcycle to stream music through this speaker system so I didn't have to store music on my phone. I made my own motorcycle playlist.. I realize that while I'm in traffic on my Harley blasting music for everybody to hear whether they want to or not I didn't watch Adele to be coming through my speakers . Don't give me wrong I love Adele but I prefer to be in the closet about my love Adele while I'm on my Harley. Recommend you be sure as to the size of your crash bar diameter prior to ordering Ordered the wrong size and it ended up taking my highway pegs apart and mounting the speakers to the highway peg mounts and then I ordered the right size mounts to put my highway pegs on later . To summarize the system absolutely blows away the system Harley Davidson offers and it's about $100 less. I mounted the amp in a handlebar bag but I attach the handlebar bag to the highway bar .

sounds good

- 6/24/2020

impressed and happy. buddy really likes and will get one on payday, makes ride more fun. can hear good on road

Great product! Makes riding much more enjoyable

- 6/21/2020

This system is fantastic! The sound quality is great, and the amp is nice and small. I took my time with the setup so it took me a few hours because I wanted to do it right. As other reviewers said, there was plenty of SPEAKER cable. The speakers are a little large, but that is the price you pay for better sound and more power. Overall: Great price, good quality, and easy setup. Definitely worth it. If you're on the fence like I was-just do it! I went all in got the extreme speakers and the system sounds great.

Still great after 3 years+

- 6/19/2020

great amp I use my iphone with it and blow factory bike radios away when I am riding with them.

More Power

- 6/16/2020

I've tried several motorcycle amplifiers, all claiming to be the most powerful on the market. This amplifier is the best. It is loud and clear.

Very Loud

- 6/9/2020

I had a set of steel horse speakers (not even 6 months old) on my previous bike that I was happy with, so when I got my new harley I thought I'd just go with them again, but I came across the Motorcycle Tunes website, and noticed they had been in business longer than steel horse and to my surprise were lower priced also. I ordered these premium speakers, and my my, it is twice as loud as the steel horse speakers. I gave my old Harley to my son, the first thing he did was send it to shop to have it painted, the second thing he did was order a set of these speakers to replace the steel horse speakers.
I use an iPhone with my speakers, and I just love them. I didn't know there was such a difference of quality, these speakers are loud and clear just like advertised.

Great service/value

- 5/27/2020

I went with the platinum speakers. Sounds better than i expected from a 4" speaker in this type of enclosure/atmosphere. I can hear them at highway speeds above 70 MPH, and I've got loud pipes.

Install is a breeze once you figure out where you want to get power...plenty of extra wire to do your runs. amplifier is small...easy to hide.

good speakers

- 5/27/2020

everything was included for an easy install. very happy with these speakers, can hear good over my LOUD pipes. very good investiment, will never go without speakers again, really makes the ride more enjoyable. thanks for the awesome speakers.

Highly recomend!

- 5/27/2020

I have been buying cheap for my bike up till purchasing these.
Wow what a difference!
Get the speaker well worth it!

Thanks Motrocycle tunes!

Mountain Listener

- 5/25/2020

Nothing better than riding through the mountians listning to my tunes.


- 5/15/2020

I saw these at a bike show, really hadn't thought about putting speakers on my harley before, but when i passed by the vendor booth I couldn't believe how good they sounded and looked. They look good, sound good, and are affordable priced, so I picked up a set of the amplified speakers. The install was fairly simple, the hardest thing was running the wire under my gastank and connecting the wires but everything came together in about an hour. I ate a quick lunch, then came back out to ride around the block for a fast test drive. I ended up being gone for 3 hours, it was almost like riding again for the first time, but this time with my favorite music playing. How did I make it 20+ years riding without having a stereo? I'd rate this 10 stars for price and quality if it would let me. Thanks for bringing back that enjoyment to my ride, that I didn't even realize I was missing out on.

looks good sounds good

- 5/11/2020

installed myself, pretty easy
speakers look great

Super Happy

- 5/9/2020

recently bought an amplified system from you with a cerwin-vega amp. I'm SUPER happy with the system -- easy install, quality pieces and great sound, even on my Harley with LOUD pipes.
I live in Waco and frequently come to Abilene to visit my parents; what's you address - I'll come by to see you.
Best wishes - you have a nice product!!

Exceded expectatations

- 4/27/2020

Put this on my heritage softail and the sound is great and the volume is more than you will ever need. One thing I would do before you start assembling it would be to find a location for the amp. I attached my amp inside of my saddlebag and thus the cluster of wiring is out of sight. Ran the speaker wires down under my tank and seat into the saddlebag. If you try to put on the engine guard or frame you will have to have a bracket made and will also have a lot of wires out in the open. the unit comes with enough wire length to easily do it this way and looks much more professional.

For my 06 Electra Glide Standard

- 4/26/2020

The item got here without delay in brand new condition worked perfectly and sounds great... Would def recommend this to others


- 4/11/2020

Purchased this system about 2 weeks ago. The system install was simple to install.
The sound is awesome.
The cerwin vega speakers are quality, but the hardware is crap. The mounts including the nuts and bolts are cheap. The chrome plating strips quick and leaves the nut stuck on bolt. Good thing the bolts are cheap and easy to break. I had to purchase quality bolts and nuts from the auto parts store.

looks & sounds great

- 4/6/2020

I installed them myself easy install sounds loud in town at 0 to 50mph & on the interstate 50 & 85mph u still can here them without a windshield. Good product highly recommend this item & I have loud pipes wit out baffles vansen hines pipes. I saw a review about the hardware being crap, but i didnt have any issues myself, perhaps it was user error on their part.


- 3/21/2020

i have a softail breakout with the baffles tooken out. And i have to say purchasing this system was the best purchase ive made, this system is so loud it out powers the street glides when i ride next to my buddies so i fall in the back so i can cruise. installed them yesterday and i was cruising all day i have had 6 people ask me where i got these and whats the setup they did not belive me at first they thought this was the system harley sales. I said nope you are wrong i showed them and i wowed them in with speechless words, Thanks Motorcycletunes for making an incredible system.

Very Nice

- 3/18/2020

4 inch system has worked well and will be moved to a second bike here thanks again

amp and kicker speakers

- 3/6/2020

I just got this hooked up on my bike. Hook up was fairly simple. The amp install kit is nice and works on touring bikes like the Road King. It will save you a time on the install

cerwin vega and kicker system

- 2/22/2020

received for a christmas gift and just love it. i did have issues with the clamps .after contacting the company they made the issue correct with no hassel. will be buying more items and telling my riding friends to check them out. thanks guys

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